"Calorie Calculator for Cats", you can calculate the amount of energy (kcal) required and feeding your cat a day. How to enter your cat's weight can be calculated by selecting life stage, or body shape. So will help you manage your cat's health.
Ver1.4 - Optimized for iOS 10 has been released.

Input your cat's weight and choose your cat's life stage or body shape.
・Adult (Spayed or Neutered)
・Adult (Not Spayed or Neutered)
・Excess weight
・Kitten (8week〜12month)
・Pregnant Cat
・Nursing Cat
・Obesity cat (Need Weight Loss)
・Senior (7 years old〜)
Touch "Calculation" !

Show the amounts of energy required per day.

Input foods calorie.
Touch "Feeding Calculation" !

Touch "Back" you can back to the previous screen.

Show the daily amount.

Touch "Back" you can back to the previous screen.

You can select grams or pound for body weight unit.


★This application Has been subject to a healthy cat. For cats with the disease, please consult your veterinarian.
★Please use the amout of energy & feeding of the Calculator result for reference degree. There is individual difference by a cat.
★Use of information obtained in this application is the responsibility of the user. If you are concerned about feeding, please consult your veterinarian.
★The weight loss in cats is risky. Please do not absolute fasting. Overweight cats who lose weight too rapidly are at risk for Feline Hepatic Lipidosis, aka Fatty Liver Disease, a potentially fatal condition of the liver.